Question: Have you always wanted to be a scientist? If not, why did you decide to become one?


  1. Hey climberlixx! I didn’t always want to be a scientist! I actually wanted to be an artist. But when I finished school I couldn’t decide which one to be. I chose science because I figured that I could still do art whenever I wanted, but needed to go to uni to do science. So I did! And I am so glad I did now, because I can do both!

    What about you, what will you be when you leave school?


  2. Climberlilxx,
    When I was growing up I wanted to be so many things! I wanted to be a hairdresser because I have wild and crazy hair that never behaves! But i decided that me and scissors don’t make a good team, I can’t cut a straight line yet alone make hairstyles lol I wanted to be a police officer because I like the driving around really fast, but I am very afraid of getting shot. Bad childhood memories involving guns and war, so no thank you! I also wanted to be a ballerina, but I was way too tall and much better at sports like hockey! I’m not a graceful young lady! :S

    I decided I wanted to be a scientist only 5 years ago! My science teachers at school taught me how cool and fascinating science can be, I got into uni 8 years ago but I did science subjects I didn’t like very much! I got into microbiology only 5 years ago and fell in love with germs and all that they can do for us people! so this is where I want to stay 😀

    what do you want to be? Won’t you tell me please…