Question: How did you get into science?


  1. Hello unique! I have always been very curious about things in life. how things come to be and why things are the way they are. When I was in high school I had a biology teacher that was actually also qualified doctor from Bangladesh. He was amazing! When we did biology he always made us so curious about life and its many mysteries. He always encouraged us to get our hands dirty and ask big questions that we didn’t know the answers too. My physics teacher was the same! We called him the Human Encyclopedia! You could ask him ANYTHING and he would know the answer. It made me realize that to be a scientist means to be me! Just with a university degree hehe. So here I am, 8 years after finishing high school, studying science thanks to the motivation from Mr Sheriff and Mr Walters! 😀


  2. Hi Unique!

    My mum used to take me star-gazing when I was little, and she had a big collection of books about stars and galaxies and planets. I really wanted to be an astronomer and look through telescopes ever since I was a kid!

    When I started studying science, it was because I liked space, but I quickly learned that there is a lot of cool stuff on Earth too!

    Have you heard of ‘astrobiology’? It’s about studying potential life in space… I think I’d like to try that one day!


  3. Hi unique thanks for the question! My story is actually a bit boring, but it’s awesome at the same time cos I’m so happy doing what I do now!

    I used to like science all through school, and I really loved Biology in high school. I was going to do an arts degree at uni but couldn’t decide what on. I also like science, so just decided to do that instead with no idea of what I would do afterwards. The longer I got into my degree, the more I refined what I wanted to do after I finished. Then here I am! So mine is a bit of a “take it as it comes” story. Bu glad it worked out the way it did!


  4. It’s because I really liked biology at highschool unique. We had a great fun teacher who would answer all our wacky questions! So I went to uni to study science and still liked it and loved the idea of finding new things!!


  5. I got into science after being fascinated by my observations of the natural world, growing up on a farm as a child! In fact my recent work with the medical maggots 9to see if they are better than plastic surgeons!) was from an observation I made as a child of 10. We had a horse on the farm with a big cut on its leg and after a few days when we took the bandage off, it was CRAWLING with maggots from fly eggs. BUT the flesh on the cut was healing very fast and was pink and health, meaning there was no infection!

    Now I get to test the medical maggots against a flesh eating bacteria for my job…nearly 30 years later!! So never let people tell you that kid’s ideas never count! Kids have the best ideas!