Question: Do you think that your work inspires others

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  1. A part of my work is teaching 20 year olds here at university about why microbes are so amazing. I love it when I see that they get into their work and when I see them two years later and they are still doing microbiology! As scientists I think we need to inspire others and we need to be inspired all of the time. So yes! Science inspires life. Your questions inspires us. Thank you soyasauce 🙂


  2. Hi Soyasauce!

    I hope it does! One of my favourite things about my job is getting to teach new science students. I love that at the beginning of semester, they’re usually quiet and don’t talk to each other much, but after a few lessons, they start to chat and get along with each other!

    Science is about teamwork a lot of the time, it’s great being able to encourage new students to talk to each other about their work and see them start to make friends.

    That inspires me at least, and hopefully more people too!


  3. Hey soyasauce another great question! I hope my work with inspires people to talk lots more about science, because that’s my aim. People are telling me it’s a good thing and it seems I am inspiring some people.

    I’m not sure about how far my research goes. To me, the most important people to inspire are kids your age! Because YOU will be our future scientists when there are crazy new technologies and inventions happening! SO, if I have inspired you., I think I’m winning!


  4. I hope so! I have lots of students in the lab and I would like to think they enjoy their time in the lab and want to continue research. Hopefully some of you too will be inspired too soyasauce!!


  5. I hope things that I do inspire others! sometimes is it not just about science that people get inspired by my actions. Sometimes it is things like being able to juggling having babies and being a scientist at the same time…this can give the younger girls in my department a role model to see that it can be done (and that we shouldn’t just let boys have all the fun in science!!)