Sam Askin

Photo: Sam

Me and my Work: Understanding how proteins in bacteria and viruses function. I also make tests to detect them in dangerous and tricky to cure diseases!

Status: The final day! Thanks so much for getting me here! It's been amazing!

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Mia Zeric

Photo: Mia

Me and my Work: Where did you come from, where did you go? Gene flow in grape-smelling SUPERBUGS!

Status: Thank you so much for your votes! Can't wait to meet you guys :D

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Melanie Thomson

Photo: Mel

Me and my Work: Stuff with Stinky bacteria from your gut and skin!

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Eleanor Campbell

Photo: Eleanor

Me and my Work: I’m a protein crystallographer in training! We try to figure out how enzymes work by building computer models of them.

Status: Anyone want to learn about crystals? : )

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