Question: what is the worst disease you can get

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  1. Hey paige11 there are heaps of crazy bad diseases you can get. There is not one worst one because different diseases can affect different people based on where they live, how healthy they already are, their race, and their age!

    Some of the worst ones at the moment are malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. Malaria is carried in mosquitoes and affect millions of people every year, and kills almost 1 million every year. It’s super bad in Africa. Tuberculosis is a bacteria that affects people who aren’t very healthy already usually. It gets in your lungs and makes a super bad infection, and can kill you quickly if it isn’t managed. HIV is a massive problem all over the world, but thankfully our treatments are getting better and people don’t normally die of it any more.

    What is the craziest disease you have heard of?


  2. Paige11 and pas0002,
    I totally agree with Sam. So many diseases out there and they all affect us all in different ways.
    Tuberculosis is very bad indeed! It is caused by a very tough bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease targets the lung and is very lethal. This bacteria is resistant (so can’t be killed) with most the the modern medicine we have today! Very scary!

    Ebola Virus infection is so deadly as well, it is a big problem in the Congo, Africa. Patients die in about two days of infection.

    But you know something, a disease that is really bad and very common here in Australia, isn’t even caused by a bacteria or virus! It is caused by way too much sugar in our diet. Its called Type 2 Diabetes! With our very unhealthy lifestyles today, so lot of sugar, little exercise, people can’t break that sugar down. Too much sugar in our body results in important organs not functioning anymore. People become very obese, blind, have wounds that never heal, and become far more prone to infections by bacteria and viruses. What a horrible disease that is also!!!

    So Paige11 and pas0002 my request is simple: take care of your bodies and your mind 😀