Question: Have you ever found a cure for a disease?

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  1. Hey dsloppy10 what a cool question, thanks! I haven’t found a cure that is being old to people yet, but I have found a chemical that we are going to test to see if it will cure some bad diseases caused by bacteria! It actually takes up to 20 years, and over a billion dollars to get from discovering a chemical that could stop a disease to getting it to be a medicine everyone can buy! How ridiculous is that!

    So even if my chemical makes it to market as a drug, I will probably be off oing something else and saving the world some other way! But here is hoping the little chemical I have discovered will progress to the next stage on the way to becoming a drug!

    Let me know if you have any more questions!


  2. Hey dsloppy!

    No cures just yet. Like Sam said, it’s a huge process taking a chemical or protein that you’ve made all the way through to turning it into a medicine.

    It has to be tested and tested and tested before they can say it’s safe for everyone!

    Cures for diseases usually come about these days when many many people (maybe hundreds!) work on little parts of a big puzzle.

    Maybe something I do will be a part of the puzzle one day! : )