Question: What is the most interesting fact you have heard about science?


  1. Hey khaua2 what a question! There are so many things you can learn about science, and it seems that you are always learning something new and interesting! I learn new stuff about dangerous bacteria every day that no one has ever known before. So I don’t think I really have a most interesting Fact. The thing I think that is the most interesting is that you can learn something new every day! And I can’t think of anything else in the world that can do that for you apart from science!

    BUT, just to make sure you’re not disappointed, and cos I’m watching cool science videos today, check these amazing science facts out!

    What is your favourite scientific fact? Any of the ones from the video, or something else?


  2. Khaua2 and gmcci17 as Sam has already mentioned there are so many cool facts its impossible to pick just a single one! Asking a Scientist to pick a most fav fact is like asking a parent to pick a favourite child! lol
    I will tell you about the most recent fact I learned about two weeks ago when a visiting Scientist from Texas, USA gave us a talk here at Sydney Uni.
    His talk was about PEANUTS! No joke! Turns out that peanut plant and soil bacteria have an epic relationship! What happens it that as the peanut plant grows and fruits it produces these chemicals that are basically toxic to the bacteria. Now soil bacteria are incredibly clever, they take this chemical and turn it into a another chemical to fight off invading fungi and invading plants that want to muscle in on the peanut territory! Its a mutual relationship between the peanut plant and bacteria! The better this relationship, the more peanuts! 😀 That totally blew my mind! Most of the time we only hear about bad bacteria and viruses that cause disease! So it was a total delight to hear about microbes and plants working together like that!
    Want to share your most interesting fact with us? Would love to hear about it!


  3. Ooh, good question khaua!

    I agree with the others… too hard to pick just one! But my favourite recent one is from QI actually, and it’s about what happens if you drop a slinky…

    FACT: If you drop a slinky, it’ll completely defy gravity, and no one knows why.

    (You know slinkies, right? The awesomely fun little coils?)

    Here’s the slow-mo video… If you have ANY idea why it does this instead of just falling down normally, PLEASE let me know!