Question: Why should i vote for you????

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  1. Hey rrose49 getting into the serious stuff now! I’m not going to try and convince you because it is completely your decision, but what I will say is:

    – you should vote for me IF you liked my answers and questions and chats with you the most!

    – you should vote for me IF you like what I will do with the money the most. You can read about it on my profile. But basically I will buy some special cameras that are made for action use! Then I will strap them to scientists and get them to make videos of that they do in real life for the world to see! So you could watch me shoot lasers at glow in the dark bacteria proteins, or watch a scientist in South Africa tagging massive sharks with a camera strapped to his head! This sort of thing hasn’t been done yet, and I think it would be amazing for people to see the real work we scientists do!

    Good luck voting, and thanks SO MUCH for the last 2 weeks!


  2. Hello Rrose49,
    I would appreciate your vote greatly because I would like to start a prgams here in my School of Molecular Biosciences where PhD students and scientist like myself come out and visit YOUR school. The money will help me start this program, I can use the money to buy science equipment like bacterial plates, swabs and solutions that you and I would then play with at your school for a day. My friends and I would come out and we would teach out what we know about science! 🙂 $1000 isn’t actually enough for this, so my friends and I will have bake sales here at my school to try and get more help from other scientist. We are really keen on meeting you kids!
    I would have a microscope with me and we can look at bacteria under a microscope plus! I was thinking about bringing in some peas and onions and we can teach you how to get DNA out of these common vegetables.
    With your vote and that money I can have prizes for the top mini scientists on that day (could be you or your best friend! 😉 ) If there is also money left over from that project I would like to give it to Sam to invest in his work.

    You vote means that you win a visit from ME for a day. At the moment I don’t have money to start a project like that.
    I would really appreciate your help buddy 🙂
    Lots of hugs coming your way.