Question: Which Islands/Countries are predicted to vanish (go under) over the next 100-1000 years?

  1. Hey magda wow you are doing so well on the climate change questions! There are a lot of countries! Most of these are small island nations, some of which are only 1-5m above sea level! Within the next 150 years, we could see sea levels rise by up to 15m. This is more than scary, we are talking about millions of people that could be displaced or even die. And an even bigger problem is that a lot of the people most at risk live in poor conditions and can’t do anything about it. They are at the mercy of countries like us!

    Here is a really informative map that shows the countries most at risk of going under first, and the risk to the whole world. Papua New Guinea is actually at very big risk along its coasts!


  2. Magda,
    Rising sea levels are going to be a huge problem for low lying nations like:
    Holland, Belgium, UK (this is interesting because the top half of the UK is actually rising after a glacial retreat that was experienced!), Spain, Congo, Bangladesh, Island states (mostly our neighbours in the Pacific Ocean). The Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Maldive and Seychelle are at risk also.
    But you know what? Australia has a LOT of cities located right on the coastal fringe! We live on an island after all, there are parts of Australia that are at risk as well like. Brunswick heads which is right near the NSW and Queensland border is at great risk, the are experiencing heavy coastal erosion due to rising sea levels!

    I don’t just feel sorry for the small islands, I feel sorry for all that are near the water, I mean we are all going to get impacted one way or another! Time to move to the mountain tops maybe? :S