Question: how long will crude oil and coal be available (using the current statistics of usage)?

  1. Hey magda you are asking some really important questions, it’s great to see such a keen interest in issues that are so important globally!

    While we are using a LOT of coal and oil, and it is bad for the environment, we still actually have a lot left. We have much more oil than coal. The big issue here is that it is bad to use these types of fuel because they pollute the atmosphere and have bad effects for the environment on the ground! But to put it shortly, we have enough oil for the next 20-40 years, and enough coal for a bit over 200 years! If we start using more and more though, this could shorten pretty quickly! Thankfully, there is a lot of research going into using different sources for our fuel and electricity!

    What do you think is the best source of green energy for us to use? My favourite is wind power!


  2. Honestly Magda, you have a calling in environmental conservation. I’m proud of you and your interests in this field and the passion that you demonstrate through your questions. I wish I was more like that when I was in year 10. Well done! 😀
    Sam has already answered your question. Well done Sam! On the grand scheme of things, 200 years isn’t all that much is it? Given the relative age of the human population on this planet already and given the growing population. Alternative fuels need to be considered right now and wind and solar power is yeah, a way to go!
    I’m more interested in generating biofuel. So this is where you can use bacteria to degrade waste products that we generate and we can harvest the potential energy from the bacterial breakdown of waste as well as byproducts of this breakdown process like Hydrogen. This research is still developing and I was a part of it 4 years ago 🙂 It was very cool knowing that we might not only have a solution to a fuel problem but also a potential solution to waste management!