Question: What is your opinion on genetic modification? Is transferring plasmids between organisms safe?

  1. Hey davidmcafeescience! There have been a few other questions on genetic modification in here you can check out as well! If you are talking plasmids, then yes it is safe. It is very well controlled and regulated; scientists know exactly what they are doing when they do it. I do this a lot with bacteria! I put plasmid (circles of DNA) into bacteria that contain a gene I want the bacteria to turn into a protein. Then the bacteria makes lots of the protein for me, and I explode the bacteria and keep the protein to use in my experiments! It’s safe because we can control what the bacteria does with the plasmid DNA, and we are very careful in what we are allowed to do as I mentioned. We on’t take all of the DNA from dangerous organisms and put them into other ones, that could be crazy!

    What do you think about genetic modification in this way, and also in humans and other animals?


  2. Here is a fun fact for you David: plasmid transfer happens in the natural world and gives rise to problems like Multidrug resistance, pathogenicity and so forth. The bacteria have been at it for FAR longer then we scientists have! lol
    I actually work in a Genetically modified lab, we ONLY modify bacteria. By putting plasmids into them, we can make them do all sorts of fun tricks like degrade toxic cancer causing compounds! Before this bacteria is released into the environment we have to REALLY test every parameter, and if it fails our test well it gets autoclaved (ie. death to you germ!) When we are done with our experiments we really have to make sure that we don’t release these into the environment until we are 100% confident in their ability. So I’m all for genetic modification for science, food and disease, but only when it is properly tested and controlled. Genetic modification to make superhumans…nah! ah! *shakes head*