Question: How long can you survive in space without any protection like a spacesuit? and how would you die like implosion?

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  1. Hey jlim48 another awesome question! No you would not implode (unfortunately, kinda cool way to think of it hey!). You would definitely nearly instantly, and all your air would be sucked it! It’s crazy awesome! Check this Video out!


  2. Heya jlim!

    I heard that you’d just boil instantly… In very low pressures, solutions boil at very low temperatures! If you tried to make a cup of tea on the top of Mt Everest (where it’s lower pressure than at ground level), the water would only get to 71 degrees C rather than 100 before it started bubbling away!

    So in the low low pressure of space… I think your blood would bubble up out of you pretty quick!


  3. Jlim48 I am starting to think that physics and astrophysics might be your calling card sir! 😉 very cool!
    Astronauts wear space suits in order to protect themselves from the environment in space. This environment as you know is so very cold and filled with dangerous radiation. Space suits protect astronauts from the low pressure in space and provide them with air to breath.
    So what happens when you don’t wear a spacesuit in out of space? You freeze your tushy off! You get radiated like Homer Simpsons at the power plant but like 1000 times worse! and you suffocate! eeeeeeep! But apparently you can survive just a little longer if you actually exhale! I’m guessing you will have a little more time, because your lungs won’t explode as quickly :S So wait a minutes! We have an EXPLOSION! but sadly no implosions! YOUR LUNGS GO KA-BOOOM! rather then BA-BOOM!