Question: How will your reasearch help people present day?


  1. This is a very important question you asked! Thank you for asking.My research will help scientist understand how different DNA pieces intertact and how this interactions results in a big problem we are facing right now in the world. This problem is antibiotic resistance! In some ways, antibiotic resistance is a bigger problem then cancer because it not only impacts a sick person but also our food and agriculture. It impacts our lakes and oceans and even the soil we walk on! So as scientist, we need to understand how antibiotic resistance happens and what we can do about it. Hopefully we can then slow down the spread of antibiotic resistance. That is how my work will help 😀


  2. Jamestheawesome1 I remember your great questions from today! My research is all about trying to help people today! I try to find ways to target bad bacteria that cause diseases like tuberculosis and melioidosis by finding new chemicals that might stop proteins inside them from working. If you can stop important proteins, it can sometimes be enough to kill the whole bacteria! I have chosen a couple of proteins that are the same in these bad bacteria and now we are using tests we made in our lab that look at thousands of chemicals to see what they do to the proteins. If they damage the proteins, there’s a chance that they might damage the whole bacteria… So we check them first then do more tests to see what happens next. Hopefully we’ll end up making a new awesome medicine to stop these diseases!


  3. Hi jamestheawesome1, my research will help find why cancer cells are difficult to treat and this will help us find new ways to target cancer. This is a worldwide effort – which is kinda cool as we can learn from other scientists and help each other find answers


  4. Some of my research will give us reasons behind some ideas about diseases and help us advise people about how to avoid them! One of my projects looks at how the nasty stomach bacteria, Helicobacter Pylori, alters the iron uptake in mice (and that relates to humans!). Lots of indigenous Australian children still get this infections Up to 90%!) and if you have iron deficiency as a kid, your brain can’t develop fully and you can’t grow as tall. Which is not fair for those kids compared to everyone else that has low infection rates (10%). I like to tell doctors that they need to check this and give the cure earlier to help them grow up properly…instead of waiting until the Kids grow up and get stomach ulcers as adults. (Which is usually when the docs start checking…it is too late but then as the kids are fully grown!)


  5. Hi again jamestheawesome1!

    Our research has a couple of ways of helping people.

    – We’re studying how learning and memory happens in brains, so we could help people who have learning difficulties or disabilities by understanding where the problems are happening in their brains

    – One of the enzymes we study can break down VERY toxic chemicals that people use as pesticides to kill bugs off their crops. When the chemicals get into the water system, they can ruin the environment, and even poison people. We want to break down all those poisons.

    – The same toxic chemicals that are in pesticides are also used in chemical weapons, which cause a lot of suffering in the world. We’re aiming to make a cure for chemical weapons.

    That’s just a few things we’re researching! We always aim to do things that can help people in the long run. : )