Question: Are the continents predicted to move over the next 1000 years, if so how fast (approx.) and in which directions?


  1. Hey magda another fantastic question! The continents are moving very slowly, but always moving. They vary a little, but most of them move by about 1-4cm per year! This means they will move by up to 50m in 1000 years, which isn’t much to notice, and if we tried to record it it might not even look like they would move at all because they would not always go in a directly straight line.

    If we talk about their movements over millions of years it’s very different. Cos I love awesome science videos, check this out for an answer!


  2. Hi again Magda! Sam’s answered this pretty well, and the video is pretty cool. Here’s a picture of earth and its plates today with their directions of movement:

    Did you know that Australia is moving north towards Papua New Guinea at a rate of about 2cm/year? Can you imagine what would happen when the two land masses finally touch and our plants and animals can cross and interact? What do you reckon would happen? 🙂