Question: If your travelling the speed of light and/or slightly slower than the speed of light in a car and switch your lights on what happens

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  1. Another great one, jlim!

    This is exactly the kind of thought-experiment Einstein did to figure out special relativity, which is kinda a big deal!! You’re asking the same kind of questions as the hardcore scientists!

    So, we played with this computer program in physics at uni which simulated what would happen if you were in a car going the speed of light. It was like MarioKart but really badly animated.

    Turns out, if you’re going the speed of light, or really close to, everything you can see starts to warp and bend around your vision, because the particles of light from the scenery aren’t reaching you in a normal order!

    If you switch your headlights on, the light becomes a big ring around your vision. It doesn’t go faster than the speed of light, but you sort of travel along with it… so it stays in your vision!

    Here’s a video to demonstrate the warping!

    (It has great old school music too!)


  2. Eleanor that is so freakin’ awesome! 😀 I totally loved that video!

    jlim48 have you seen this. Its an actually game that you can play and you can see the effects of travelling at high relative speed:

    Warping my mind man! O.o


  3. Wow that’ so cool Eleanor! Jlim48 you are getting treated to some wicked science and videos today!

    You know who I first heard the answer to this from? Doctor Karl! He is super amazing at explaining almost anything in science. You should get your teacher to tune in to triplej on Thursday at 11am and listen to all the awesome answers he gives, or even ask a question as a science class!



  1. Oh Mia! That’s the game we played at uni! I remember the weird archways!

    Yeah, definitely play that one, it lets you play with lights and things too! 🙂


  2. SWEET! lol What a cool coincidence Eleanor! 😀