Question: In a Futurama Episode the main plot idea was that some stars were out of place in the Universe or something but anyway the main point I'm getting at is there was time skips. Now after the time skips occurred they could remember everything that happened during them, though it took them a while to realise what was happening. What I'm thinking is you know how sometimes you wake up and can't tell what day it is? What if there are time skips happening right now and we don't even realise.

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  1. Matt! Another one of those epic questions that made my head hurt but in a good way! What i think you were getting at was the effect of zoning out! Here is my go at your killer question: According to some researches the effect of Zoning Out is a very important part of your mental state. Psychology researchers believe that a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life. Jonathan Schooler, the leading Psychologist on mind wandering, did a bunch of studies looking into mind wondering and time lapse experiments and honestly the results are pretty amazing. Our mind wonders far more then we realize!! So like right now…..Matt! Focus! 😛
    Basically its happening, zoning out, time lapses are real alright. Makes sense though, the human brain is arguably the most complex organ in the natural world. Studies on mind wandering are showing that we find it difficult to stay focused for more than a few minutes. We drift away. Important thing is realizing that you are drifting and coming back before the teacher catches you out in class 😉


  2. Hey mattscientist! I’m pretty sure you are definitely destined to be a scientist. I love the way you think. I like thinking about things that don’t really seem possible as though they are. Because in the end, if we don’t know the answer yet, who is to say it can’t happen, right!? Keep up the thinking buddy!

    I had to read up on this episode of Futurama (I never watched it much), and it reminds me of that move Click with Adam Sandler. Jumping forward in time to an unknown point and then having to deal with all the things that have just happened! Unfortunately, I think Mia has the best scientific explanation for it.

    BUT, while I don’t think that we can move stars around, who knows, maybe this can happen! Maybe you wake up one morning and all of a sudden a week, a month, a year has passed? I think missing what day it is when you wake up comes down to what Mia said, and also having your own body clock out. But I look forward to things like this in the hope something incredible will happen! Keep it up mattscientist!


  3. I wanna get all philosophical, so strap in!

    Would it matter if time skips were happening?

    If you remember what happened *during* the time skips, but didn’t actually experience them directly, is that really any different from our own reality?

    Like, I can remember riding home from school today. I remember what I was listening to on my ipod, I remember my legs hurting, I saw a fight between a magpie and a cockatoo… but my WHOLE experience of it now is just memory. Nothing more! The past has…stopped existing… our memories of it are all that we have!

    So, if you can remember what you *skipped*, did you really skip it??

    I think I need a nap.


  4. Futurama is cool! Not sure if we miss time when we sleep but I agree sometimes it does feel like that!