Question: Are you good at writing sogs if yu find a good website send me the link?

  1. Songs! Gosh! When I sing, babies cry and cats meow! I have no talent for song writing! sorry Jacob 🙁


  2. HAHA JACOB my man what a question! I have tried to write my own song before! I don’t think it was very good though. But I love music, I can sick without breaking mirrors and can play piano. If I write any good ones I’ll let you know!

    To try and bring some science in to this, you want some cool websites?

    try this: www.

    And some AWESOME YouTube sites:

    Enjoy! Do you know any good science websites?


  3. Hi Jacob!

    I don’t know if it counts as being “good” at writing songs, but I’m in a weird band and we do write our own songs sometimes!

    We wrote one called Science Cat, which is actually about a cat trying to do chemistry experiments but he has a bit of a disaster. It’s a really catchy rock song though, if I do say so myself 😉

    Cool links… Sam’s got a lot of the youtubers covered (all people I met the other week actually! Did you go to IFLS live, Sam??)

    But here are some more!

    And a cool kids science magazine (that I write about chemistry for!)



  4. Hahaha – I write very bad songs all the time (geek/nerd alert)!!



  1. oh oh! I know of a good science website! 😉


  2. I went to the Townsville version of it Eleanor! Was fantastic!

    I hear that website is a bit of all right too Mia haha. 🙂