Question: what is your faviourate dream?

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  1. Haha jacob jacob jacob how do you come up with these!

    I don’t have a favourite dream I can think of, but I have one dream this the weirdest:

    I have this dream that I have had a lot where I will always be in a different place with different people, but there is one thing that is the same: dinosaurs!
    In the dream, there are T-Rex’s looking for us and chasing us, and the dream centres around us trying to escape. Obviously if the T-Rex finds us we are dead, so in the dream it’s actually really scary (even if it sounds funny reading this). We finally manage to escape the T-Rex and it moves away, but just after that happens, someone always run past me screaming that there are raptors coming! Then we have to escape the raptors, and this is much harder because they are super good hunters! I always wake up right when I think I am done for, and a raptor has me corned. Crazy stuff huh!

    What’ your favourite or most memorable dream?


  2. My favourite dream was the I dreamt that I met Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Captain Hook and I became really good friends. I like the naughty characters, they are always fun! 😀 We were just sitting together on his ship and we watched Peter Pan fly by. I called out, HI PETER 😀 and he turned around to wave at me and as he did that, he flew straight into the main mast on the ship. It was so funny! Captain Hook wet his pants from laughter. I laughed in my sleep and woke myself up lol do you have a favourite dream?


  3. Haha nice question! 😀

    I’m kinda obsessed with dreams, you know you can teach yourself to ‘lucid dream’? It means you’re asleep and dreaming, but you can control your dreams and make them into whatever you want! Also helps get rid of any nightmares you might have.

    I’m not very good at it yet, so the best one I’ve had so far was about going to a giant aquarium with my best friend. It was like a cross between an aquarium and a big planetarium, so we lay on the ground and watched the fish and the stars! It was really nice. : )


  4. I’m a ninja!