Question: Is there any bacteria's or viruses that help your body, instead of damaging it?

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  1. Hey cookechicken1, you are asking some way cool questions!

    Absolutely there are loads of bacteria that help your body! There are heaps of bacteria living inside you, in your stomach and intestines, for example. These bacteria help to digest your food and keep your insides healthy. They also help to run the place in there and make sure you don’t become overrun with bad bacteria! If the bacteria inside you changes, it can make you sick sometimes!

    Did you know that in girls especially, there are even bacteria in your naughty bits! These bacteria are super important to help prevent infections! Crazy huh! We are swarming with all types of bacteria, good and bad!


  2. SAM! Naughty bits?Really? nothing naughty about it buddy! Its perfectly normal! 😉

    Cookedchicken, did you know that scientist estimate that there are far more bacterial cells inside and on you then there are human cells? This shows us that we are more bacterial then human. Freaky but cool!
    Sam was right about there being lots of bacteria that help you. A part of the plan that I have if I should win this competition is to teach your guys about the good bacteria out there. Check out my profile! 😉
    My friends here in the lab look at all the bacteria that is in your tummy and how your diet changes the bacteria balance. But the tummy is just one example.
    Bacteria and fungi between your toes, bacteria on your skin all help protect you. Bacteria in your mouth and nose also are your little heros!

    The problem is that on TV we only hear about the bad bacteria but honestly given the number of different bacteria that we predict are out there in the environment only a tiny % are actually dangerous. All the others are good guys 😀


  3. Haha! I don’t think I can add anything to that.

    Naughty bits.

    Dear me.

    Oh, but one cool thing I’ve experienced is when you change your diet, you might feel a bit sick for a while because the balance of good bacteria in your guts has to get used to the new ranges of food!


  4. Yes some bacteria are helpful (especially for gut health for example). I’m not sure if there are any helpful viruses though!