Question: Is there any bacteria's or viruses in Crystals?

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  1. CookedChicken1 we meet again. I know that there are Cyanobacteria and algae that are preseved in crystals. You can see some of the photos here:
    In the lab I have over 220 different bacteria that I preserved in ice-crystals. 😀

    Viruses are a little tricky. Viruses need to live in a host,so humans, animals and plant or even bacteria. So if the host is preserved in a crystal like substance, then sure! Viruses are preserved also!


  2. Hey cookedchicken!

    Mia’s got it! Lots of bacteria and viruses end up in ice crystals! We keep bacteria frozen so we can study them later!

    But no viruses or bacteria in my protein crystals! We purify them REALLY well to make sure there’s nothing living in our protein once it’s time to turn them into crystals! : )


  3. The ladies are quick cookedchicken1 and they have the answers! Proteins are way smaller than bacteria themselves, so it would be a bit weird to see a whole bacteria in your protein crystal!

    I have bacteria in ice crystals like the other girls do too… And LOTS of the proteins from them stored in ice crystals at -80 degrees!


  4. Awesome answers from everyone (I think this one is covered!)