Question: What is your favorite discovery so far?

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  1. This is the hardest question yet!! Oh my goodness! SO many cool discoveries! my favorite discovery was the discovery of bacteria! In 1670s’ Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch cloth merchant, was the first to discover the existence of bacteria! He just happened to use one of his magnifying lenses to look at some pond water. When he looked down this lens, he was able to see many large bacteria in the water. and Today we are still discovering new and amazing bacteria in all sorts of locations around the world, from human bodies to volcanos and caves. You name it! Coolest discovery ever!!! 😀


  2. I remember you from today soyasauce! Great questions! My FAVOURITE discovery so far is a chemical that w found that really damages some important proteins in bad bacteria that cause some dangerous diseases. If these chemicals turn out to only damage those bacteria and not our own cells, then we might be on to an exciting new type of drug that no one has ever discovered before! There is a very long way to go yet, but who knows, by the time you are finishing university, I might be the inventor of a new medicine to beat some seriously bad diseases! Watch this space!


  3. Hi soyasauce, my favourite discovery is DNA! All living things, for example bacteria and humans, contain DNA which is the instructions for a cell.


  4. My favorite discovery in my career was helping to show that you can get peanut allergy mice (and now from that work, people) to ‘get over’ their allergy. That was in my first job in 1999-2001.


  5. Hey Soyasauce!

    My favourite discovery that I’ve made was a pretty weird one about how enzymes evolve. It was something no one has really seen before, so it was very exciting to see something new!

    My favourite discovery in science… that’s a big question! I think it would be a tie between the discovery of evolution (which is the most beautiful theory ever, just google ‘peppered moths’, really nice example of natural selection!) and the discovery of the Higgs Boson this year!

    It’s nice to see big discoveries happening RIGHT NOW, not just a long time ago.